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The Nandi Bear Tenants - Graphic Novel (Signed)

15 CAD
Naiad Bear needs to gather all her friends for a mission to save not one but two planets from total destruction! When she inherits an old creepy haunted mansion from her long lost Aunt Nandi, she is given a message from the other side.. a message that the king of the Cat planet has gone totally insane and plans to wage an intergalactic war against Mars. Seriously, what has Mars ever done to him? And why is he being such a freak? Naiad along with her superhero friends Dorriss Doom, Stensor, and Pattee may be the only one who could possibly help to unravel this supernatural mystery! Meanwhile, the renegade adventurer and hero for hire Veltrax the Wolvcha is busy saving Klor, the last giant amoeba in the universe from certain death! How does it all fit together? And who is behind all this diabolical terror?!