SC Entertainment

Dorriss Doom (2014)

10 CAD
Thought missing for years, the adventures of DORRISS DOOM are here for the world to enjoy! A VHS tape found in the basement of  a haunted house that was scheduled for demolition on the other  side of the world contained what would turn out to be the most  astounding discovery of all time. Taped during the mighty  SC Entertainment pledge drive was a Dorriss Doom marathon! Every single episode was recorded in it’s entirety, and is here now on this DVD able to be watched for the first time in ages!  If that wasn't enough excitement for one day, this DVD also contains some quite startling extras, such as “ANIMATION SECRETS OF DORRISS DOOM” not to mention a lost episode of the cult 
favourite “MR. ICE CUBE” and more. So get some cereal, put on your pajamas, and relax as you watch  one of the most amazing discoveries of our generation!

On an Earth where cats and other animals developed in amazing ways, one cat was  even more special than the rest... Dorriss, who even before she was endowed  with the mystical powers of an evil warlock, was  helping to rid the world of  evil. Now after her best  friend and companion Veltrax was kidnapped she found herself on the most amazing adventure of her life. How will she  save the galaxy from the  sinister order of the  Vetabanting Five? How  will she rescue her best  friend? Dorriss, along with  her band of super hero  friends will find a way!

Starring the voices of Jennifer Hartley, Trevor Phillips, Kelton Kolodychuk, Elaine Boyling, Jeff Robertson, Terence Ramsay, Jaclyn Cobb, Laura Stretz, Chad Macy, Petyr Stretz, and Blaise Kolodychuk.
Written and animated by Blaise Kolodychuk