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Curse of the Dimensions of Death (2011)

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The ninth movie with the world's greatest crime fighting team of Beefart & Cheenkaw... They are up against their greatest enemy of all time! Who is this mysterious villian? And what has caused Cheenkaw, Beefart and Laura McKnees to be seperated? Find out all this and more in what may very well prove to be the greatest film of all time! With the talents of: Terence Ramsay, Blaise Kolodychuk, Kristy Lannan, Kelton Kolodychuk, Earl Nakesch, Scott Johns, Jaclyn Cobb, Elaine Boyling, Suzie Kenyon, Elizabeth Wall, Ryan Rumsey, Trevor Phillips, Jordan Bearspaw, Andrea Gammon, Katina Scheffler, Liam Gonzalez, Mikaela Kolodychuk-Bridgen, Rene Gonzalez, Isaac Malik, Emmelia Taylor and Paul Whittington reprising his iconic role as ROLF TOMPSON! Written, Directed, Produced, and Original Soundtrack by Blaise Kolodychuk.